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As happy as kings

You had a pet skunk at a party on Orchard Street...

Kimberly Stanley
4 June
(My LinkedIn and Facebook profiles are under Kimberly Stanley Markowitz.)

Kimberly lives in Brooklyn and pities anyone who doesn't—not that she wants you to move here—there are plenty of people living here already. Kimberly's character can best be described as a cross between Mary Poppins (the book version) and Auntie Mame (the Rosalind Russell version).

Strengths: Funny, quick, thick-skinned, convivial, able to stand her ground. Kimberly's curiosity is stronger than her fear and she is always willing to put her money where her mouth is.

Weaknesses: Cruel, impatient, insensitive, shallow, stubborn. Kimberly's desire to know often gets her in trouble and she doesn't always have the sense to back down when she should.

Special Skills: Ask Kimberly about The Monkey and her purple Cock.

Weapons: Kimberly's sharp tongue and excellent timing are the reasons that everyone in the back of the room is laughing at you.

So what will you find in my journal? Well, I'm getting a technical writing degree at Brooklyn Polytechnic and so a certain number of entries are about books I have read or school projects I am working on (for example I had one entry about what I thought the ads in the New Yorker said about its audience).

As far as shows go, I might write about Good Eats, Entourage, The Sopranos, or Carnivàle—especially Carnivàle. I dabble in Harry Potter.

Most of my posts are about current events (in the media and in my life).

I run a beauty community called vanitywise and a Deadwood community called deadwood_hbo.

Oh and by the way...I occasionally talk about adult things in my journal (i.e. sex) so if you are under 18, you shouldn't be reading it.

Also, most of my entries are "friends only", meaning I have to have you selected as a "friend" to view them. If you want to see those entries, friend me and I will friend you back (unless you are under 18, or overly mysterious). You will have to be a member of Live Journal to be a friend.

Please feel free to defriend me at will, I understand how large friends lists can get and sometimes you have to cut people. It's no biggie.

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